September TLD Round-up

Here is our latest overview of news from the domain name universe

Global Domain Count Grows

Five million domain names were added across all top level domains across the globe in the first quarter of 2014, taking the total to 276 million.

DNS Belgium Warns Of Fraudsters

DNS Belgium is warning of fraudsters registering domain names strongly resembling the actual domain of an online shop. Fraudsters then build a replica of the site offering the same products but at rock-bottom prices.

Swiss Registry SWITCH Joins Forces To Confront Cybercrime

The .ch registry, SWITCH, has joined forces with a number of partners to found the Swiss Internet Security Alliance (SISA). The goal of the alliance is to make Switzerland the “cleanest” Internet country in the world.

Nominet To Increase Security Of The UK Namespace

Nominet also announced it is boosting the security of the .uk namespace to help protect it from attack and exploitation. As part of this, the registry will be offering two-factor authentication access to their Online Services to registrars later on this year.

DotHIV First gTLD To Launch With A Social Purpose

The recent launch of the .hiv gTLD was the first gTLD to launch with a social purpose. Every .hiv domain name registered will see a part of the registration fee going towards raising awareness and funds for projects around the world working to prevent the transmission of HIV and end AIDS.

2013 In UK Web Domain Disputes

Nominet has published a summary of 2013 .uk domain name disputes that shows the number of disputes handled by Nominet fell by over 17 percent. According to the report, 674 complaints were handled and £6.55m in legal costs were saved by Nominet’s award-winning Dispute Resolution Service in 2013.