Call to Action: Search vs Domains

The use of search as a call to action in marketing campaigns has unfortunately become all too common. But what are the pitfalls of this approach, and why is using a domain name so much more effective?

As a marketer, using search as your call to action (CTA) is a risky move. There are so many elements that are out of your control. For example, there is no way to guarantee what other results will be listed on the same page as your campaign. It also provides competitors with the opportunity to steal the consumer away.

If a major breaking news story occurs and it relates to your search term, you could suddenly find your brand associated with something you didn’t expect or your search ranking negatively impacted. Not to mention changes to search algorithms that can take effect very quickly, as we have seen with the Google Penguin and Panda updates.

We’ve noticed that it’s largely above the line advertising campaigns that use this approach. TV commercials such as those for Mercedes C class and The British Army. Mercedes, used ‘Search: C Class Offers’ and the British Army used ‘Search: Army Jobs’.

Direct Consumers to Your Website

Not only are domain names far cheaper to set up and maintain, they’re yours to own forever and cannot be influenced by your competitors. With the introduction of new gTLDs, there are now more exciting options available than ever before for campaigns.

New domain names are providing brands with the opportunity to own memorable web addresses that allow for message recall, brand recognition and trust. We recently found that 80% of Internet users think the new gTLDs would make them enter a company’s web address directly into their browser rather than use a search engine. What’s more, over half (59%) said they think new domain names will make it easier for them to find what they want online.

Providing consumers with creative web addresses could therefore breathe new life into ad campaigns and increase conversions.

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