October TLD Round-up

Here is our latest overview of news from the domain name universe

There Are Still Millions Of .COM Domains Available

There may be almost 104 million .com domain names registered, but Verisign wants potential registrants to know that there are still millions upon millions of great .com domain names available for registration. Verisign notes there are over 95 percent of five-character .com combinations available and more than 99 percent of six-character .com combinations available.

Big Names Sign Up For .WALES And .CYMRU

Some of the biggest names in Wales, such as the Welsh Rugby Union and the Milennium stadium, are signing up for their .wales and .cymru domain names. The new domains will go live in late September.

.LONDON Purring Along With Over 44,000 Registrations

The .London gTLD has made it into eighth place on the nTLDstats.com list of all new gTLDs with over 44,500 domains registered. Leading businesses that have signed up include Fortnum & Mason, KPMG and Cath Kidston.

.NYC Ready To Go!

General Availability for .nyc (New York City) domains commenced on October 8th. The gTLD is only available to New York City businesses and organisations with a New York City address and individuals with a primary residence in the city.

.OVH Goes Bang!

The new gTLD .ovh gained over 48,000 registrations in its first five days of General Availability, making it the sixth most popular of the new gTLDs.

The gTLD is quite unusual among new gTLDs. It’s French and according to the gTLD’s website, it all started with an April fool’s day prank in 2009 when Octave Klaba (OVH founder and CEO) announced the creation of .ovh. In just a few hours, the company received over 22,000 requests to register .ovh domains. No more convincing was needed for OVH to make this dream a reality.