ICANN Update: November 2014

This month, we look at the latest issues in the Internet Governance world, including name collision and two character domains.  

Name Collison

In many new gTLDs, there was a list of domains prohibited from registration due to the fact that registration may have caused harm in the outside world. ICANN has spent the last few months with the community developing a framework to allow these names to be released.

For gTLDs moving towards delegation, this will no longer be an issue as they will have to put in place 90 days of controlled interruption across the whole TLD before going live, thus allowing all possible names to be registered.

gTLDs that have already launched prior to August 2014 will be able to run a separate controlled interruption period across their name collision list for 90 days, then offer the names for registration. Many of these gTLDs will therefore start to release the names they have had to reserve up until now in the near future.

Most of the names in these lists are generic and seen as quite valuable, so there will be some interest in securing them.

Two Character Domains

At ICANN 51, the GAC said that it has no issue with two character domains, including ISO Country Codes, being used. This means that companies like BA or LV may be able to secure names such as ba.tickets and lv.insurance. The process is not finalised and the ICANN board has asked staff to come up with a release method that applicants may use.