The Wild West Web: Opportunities and Risks for Digital Marketing Campaigns

Today, it is imperative that Marketers are using the online power channels to engage customers and drive the sales lifecycle. In November 2014, NetNames hosted an online marketing lecture at The Marketing Academy in London which explored the opportunities and threats for Marketers posed by the Internet.

Mobile, social media and the 1,400+ new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) - ranging from .agency to .guru - are fuelling exponential growth and fragmenting the digital landscape. This has created vast opportunities for companies wanting to optimize their online marketing strategy and design innovative, creative digital campaigns. Many brands have already realized this potential and our recent Internet 2020 research found that 92% of large companies have, or are planning to, invest in the new domain names.

However, the Internet remains a dangerous place. Brands often find that they are being associated with damaging sites via third parties that are not consistent with the marketing messages they are trying to promote. More worryingly, the Web - with its estimated 8.6 billion pages - is a vast vacuum with no government or regulator able to effectively police counterfeiting, phishing, cybersquatting and other types of online fraud.

Staying One Step Ahead Of The Cyber-Cowboys

 The ‘Wild West’ nature of the Internet means that protecting the online brand remains a considerable challenge. However, maintaining a robust domain name strategy and making sure that a degree of control is retained over any content placed online will help Marketers stay one step ahead of the cyber-cowboys.

Savvy brands will understand the dangers of the Web and take precautions to protect their reputation online. Our research found that almost eight in ten (78%) Internet users would shun a company if they found themselves on a bogus website purporting to be that brand, highlighting the serious consequences for those who do not protect their online identity and customers. Ultimately, it is only those that adopt a proactive, precautionary attitude to Web marketing that will successfully protect their brands’ online identity and continue to see the benefits of establishing a multi-channel presence.

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