Top Trends for Digital Marketing Campaigns in 2015

With the introduction of new gTLDs, there are now more exciting options available than ever before for online marketing campaigns. Indeed, NetNames found that 85% of companies said they would change their online marketing investment strategy following the launch of the new domain names. Here, we look at the top three trends brands should consider for their digital marketing campaigns this year.

Domain Names as a Call to Action

New domain names are providing brands with the opportunity to own memorable web addresses that Marketers can use as a call to action. For example Amazon could advertise to consumers to navigate to to provide all the latest deals. We recently found that 80% of Internet users think the new gTLDs would make them enter a company’s web address directly into their browser rather than use a search engine. Providing consumers with a creative web address in ad campaigns could breathe new life into campaigns and increase conversions.

Your Own Space on the Internet

One of the biggest opportunities to arise from the new gTLD Program is the chance for businesses to own their own .BRAND Top Level Domain. This will enable brands to develop their own section of the Internet to best meet the needs of their customers and differentiate the online user experience and drive greater innovation. A .BRAND domain name will become the hallmark for big brands, enabling them to have a holistic global online presence behind one domain name. It will also provide greater security, as consumers who are using a .BRAND web address will know they are on the legitimate website.

A Gateway to New Markets

The introduction of Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) signals the opening up of the web to new markets and a big opportunity for Marketers running, or looking to launch campaigns on a global scale. The vast range of new addresses available, including geographical TLDs such as .london, .nyc, and international suffixes using Chinese, Russian and Arabic characters, will allow businesses to tailor their online presence and marketing campaigns to reach new markets and audiences in their native language.

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