The risks of the online counterfeit economy

Building on NetNames' 'Counting the cost of counterfeiting' report, 'The risks of the online counterfeit economy' looks the state of play in online counterfeiting, which makes it readily apparent that no brand can afford to underestimate the sophistication of the fraudsters now exploiting the digital world for their own ends.

NetNames has commissioned a detailed investigation of the issues by Cebr, the independent economics and business research consultancy, and has brought together multiple studies from around the world. We examine how the conjunction of counterfeiting and digital is impacting the most popular consumer goods – and how brands can fight back.

This report looks into the following issues across five different sectors: pharmaceuticals, tobacco, food and drink, consumer electronics, and apparel and accessories:

  • Which items are counterfeit: are you being targeted, and what to look out for
  • Impact on consumers: the definitely brand-damaging, and possibly life-threatening effects that fake items can have
  • Counterfeit seizures: how and where seizures of fake goods are taking place
  • The role of the Internet: how fraudsters are exploiting online channels to do their trade.