Complaints Handling Policy (Escalation Procedures) 

NetNames will attempt to address and resolve all enquiries at the first point of contact.

If you are unsatisfied in any way with your dealings with NetNames Australia, please submit the complaint to and provide the following information:

1)    A detailed summary of the issue, including any emails, reference numbers or information that will assist us understand the issue.

2)    Your full name;

3)    Your contact details; and

4)    The most appropriate time to contact you, should we need to call you.

Where a complaint has been made, a reference number will be raised, and the case will not be closed until a resolution has been reached.  We will attempt to respond to your complaint within 48 hours and all complaints submitted will be attended by a senior member of our customer service team.

If you feel an issue has not been resolved to your satisfaction, you can request it be escalated to our Operations Manager who will review the issue as a priority.

NetNames Australia aims to provide exemplary service to our customers, and we welcome all forms of feedback and take any complaints very seriously.

For more information on complaints and disputes, please go to

If any of this information is not clear, please contact us at any stage.