Portal Licence

The following licence agreement is incorporated in, and applies to, any agreement between NetNames Pty Ltd (ACN 136 470 838) ("NetNames Australia") and a Customer where the Purchase Order specifies that NetNames Australia is making a Portal Licence available to the Customer. Unless otherwise indicated, capitalised terms used in this licence have the meanings given in the NetNames Australia Standard Terms and Conditions available at http://www.netnames.com/policies/

The Online Portal is a corporate domain management, brand monitoring and case management system provided by NetNames Australia to provide certain domain management, monitoring and case management services to the Customer.

NetNames Australia grants the Customer a licence to use the Online Portal on the following terms and conditions:

1. NetNames Australia owns all rights, including all Intellectual Property Rights, in the Online Portal and the contents of the Online Portal.

2. NetNames Australia grants the Customer a non-exclusive, non-transferable (with no right to sub-license), worldwide, royalty-free licence to use and access the Online Portal for the purposes of this Agreement during the Term, subject to the terms and conditions of the Agreement and this Portal Licence.

3. The Customer’s employees are permitted to use the Online Portal. The Customer will ensure that its employees use the Online Portal in a manner that is compliant with this licence and as advised by NetNames Australia from time to time.

4. The Customer has no right to, and must not, sub-license, modify, adapt, translate, reproduce, distribute, reverse engineer, decompile or dissemble the Online Portal (or any software or systems used to provide the Online Portal). The Customer must ensure that the Online Portal and its contents (including any databases) are not copied, disclosed or made available to any third party.

5. The level of access to the Online Portal granted to the Customer is at the discretion of NetNames Australia, and additional charges may be payable depending on the level of access requested by the Customer.

6. The Customer acknowledges and agrees that:
6.1 the Online Portal and its contents are confidential to NetNames Australia and its disclosure to or unauthorised access by third parties could cause loss or damage to NetNames Australia;
6.2 the Customer does not acquire any rights to the Online Portal other than as set out in this Portal Licence;
6.3 the Customer must ensure that the Online Portal is not copied, disclosed or supplied to any third party other than the Customer’s employees; and
6.4 the Customer will give prompt notice in writing to NetNames Australia of any suspected infringement of any Intellectual Property Rights in the Online Portal or any of its contents which comes to the Customer’s attention.